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ElevateDem: Nurturing Knowledge, Inspiring Success


To empower Black Communities with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to excel academically, prioritize their health and well-being, and become confident leaders in their communities.


A future where every individual in the black community has access to quality education, comprehensive health education, and supportive mentorship, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential

What Motivates Us

In the symphony of humanity, every voice deserves to be heard, every dream nurtured, and every potential realized. Empowering the black community is not just an act of justice, but a celebration of diversity, strength, and unity. Together, we can build a world where every individual stands tall, unbounded by the limitations of the past, and inspired by the possibilities of the future

Join Us in Empowering Excellence in the Black Community





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Our Team

Our initiative aims to break the cycle of disparities by providing tailored support that addresses the unique challenges faced by Black Communities, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed and these are the people behind the hard work.

Precious Oppong Afriyie

CEO & Student Nurse – Loyalist College

Precious Oppong Afriyie, the visionary founder of Elevatedem, is a dedicated student nurse with a passion for revolutionizing healthcare. Her deep understanding of patient care, combined with her innovative spirit, drives her mission with Elevatedem to elevate healthcare standards and bridge existing gaps. Precious’ commitment in the medical field shines through her leadership, positioning her as a rising star and advocate for positive change in the healthcare community.

Charles Asirifi

Programs Coordinator

Charles Asirifi, serving as the program coordinator for Elevatedem, brings a wealth of knowledge in spearheading innovative programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of the community. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Charles adeptly manages budgets and coordinates projects, ensuring they run seamlessly from inception to completion. His background in IT further enhances his ability to integrate technology-driven solutions, making him a pivotal figure in the team’s endeavors to drive impactful change.

Susana Amoakowaa Takyi


Susana Amoakoaa Takyi is a distinguished educationist with a profound dedication to shaping the future of learning. Her extensive experience in the educational sector has equipped her with invaluable insights into pedagogical strategies and curriculum development. As a team member of Elevatedem, Susana’s expertise plays a pivotal role in ensuring that educational standards are not only met but surpassed, making her an indispensable asset to the team and the broader educational community.

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